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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Regulations

Dry leaves and yard waste may be burned under the supervision and within the view of an adult. No open burning of garbage is permitted on any private or public property. Under no circumstances shall there be burning of any materials on any public roadway. All fires should be in designated areas and the flame of the fire should not exceed 4 feet in height.

The Fire District may impose burning restrictions on residents during certain weather conditions.

Residents are also reminded to check property covenants for possible additional restrictions.

Call Winnebago County Police and Fire dispatcher at 920-236-4900 to report any planned controlled burns and give them the start and estimated end time of the planned burn.

Dog License Information

Dog owners in the Town of Winneconne are required by State Statute to have a license for each dog they own. License fees are $5.00 per dog, per year, for neutered or spayed animals and $10.00 for those animals that are not neutered or spayed. Verification of rabies vaccination must also be provided, including the shot tag number and the name of the veterinarian. State Statutes and Town Ordinances provide a penalty for non-compliance and in addition a late fee of $5.00 must be paid when the dog is licensed late. Dog licenses are available from the Town Treasurer. Direct all dog-related complaints to the Town Police Department at 920-420-6711.

>Download a Dog License Application<

Animal Shelter Services

The Town of Winneconne uses the services of the Neenah Animal Shelter located at 951 County Rd. G, Neenah, telephone 920-722-9544. Our town Police Dept. will take stray animals to that facility. Should you be looking for a lost pet, you may wish to contact the Neenah Animal Shelter.

House Numbers

Winnebago County Planning and Zoning assigns house numbers. The town provides residents with uniform numbers that Town and County ordinances require be used.

You are allowed to have additional numbers, i.e. stone on your home, however the unifrom numbers provided by the Town must be displayed.

If you do not currently have these numbers, you may contact the Town Clerk to receive a set at cost.

This ordinance is for your protection, so that emergency vehicles can locate your home quickly when time may be a matter of life and death.

Driveway Approaches

Although there is no permit required to blacktop or pave a driveway, you must blacktop or pave according to the Town ordinance. The town is not liable for any damage or restoration of any driveway damaged during operations to maintain the culvert or ditch. Any additional expense incurred in the event of the need to remove the driveway to maintain the culvert will be billed to the property owner. There shall be no obstructions located in the road right-of-way other than those specifically authorized by the Town Board. Further, there shall be nothing located in the road right-of-way that would in any way impede the maintenance or plowing of any road or cause damage to any equipment used for the purpose on maintenance or plowing.

No Driving Through the Ditches

No crossing through ditches is allowed except where a driveway with a culvert has been installed. This ordinance exists to reduce the destruction of drainage ditches. It is very costly to continually repair ditches that have been driven through and rutted up. This ordinance will be strictly enforced. Violation of this ordinance will result in the violator being billed for the cost of repairs.

Accumulation of Used Motor Vehicles

Town ordinance prohibits the accumulation and storage, outside any building located within the Town, of unlicensed motor vehicles for a period of more than 30 days.

Town Hall Use/Rental

Download application/regulations

Town of Winneconne Miscellaneous Fees

Dog Licenses $10.00 NOT spayed/neutered
  $5.00 spayed/neutered
  $5.00 Late Fee after April 1
  $1.00 Replacement Tag

NSF Check Charge $30.00
Bartender License $15.00 New/Renewal, $5.00 Provisional
Photocopy Town Documents $0.25 per page
Zoning Code $10.00



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